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Cross Connection Control and Backflow Prevention Program
This program is required under North Carolina's Administrative Code 15A-NCAC-18C


According to state requirements, cross-connection hazards have been identified in the Town of Warrenton which require protection with backflow prevention assemblies. Only Town of Warrenton approved backflow certified testers can test new assemblies.  The Town recommends a certified tester perform the installation in addition to the testing, so that all state regulations are properly met.

For the convenience of our customers, a list of approved testers is available via the link https://aquaresource.app/portal/193.

Hazard ID         Category      Required Protection    Hazard Type       Due Date
H23-000001     Irrigation      RP                               Contaminant       06/01/2024
H23-000002     Irrigation      RP                               Contaminant       06/01/2024

How to install and test your backflow device:
 1.)  Select a plumber or tester from https://aquaresource.app/portal/193
 2.)  Provide the Hazard ID and service account number in this letter to your selected tester.
 3.)  The approved plumbers and testers in the list are registered with the Town of Warrenton's Backflow Prevention Program and they will submit your test results to the Town of Warrenton directly.


Warrenton's Cross Connect Ordinance - Adopted November 2023


Checklist for installation and equipment needed.


A passing test report is due by the Due Date listed above. If your backflow preventer has been tested within the last year of this letter date, please forward a copy of the test report to publicworksdirector@warrenton.nc.gov.

**Failure to submit test reports by the test due date may lead to termination of water service.**

Thank you for your cooperation and assistance. If you have any questions, please contact the Public Works Department at 252-257-1776 or email at publicworksdirector@warrenton.nc.gov.


Sec. 15-397.  Installation of assemblies.

(a)    All backflow prevention assemblies shall be installed in accordance with the specifications furnished by The Town of Warrenton and/or the manufacturer's installation instructions and/or in the latest edition of the state building code, whichever is most restrictive. All assemblies installed above ground outside must be protected from freezing with an above ground enclosure that meets the ASSE 1060 standard. If the assembly is installed outside and intended for commercial domestic water use, a heat source must be ready available at the assembly, if necessary, and must be freeze proof.

(b)    All new construction plans and specifications, when required by the state building code and the state department of environment and natural resources, shall be made available to the Town of Warrenton for review and approval, and to determine the degree of hazard.

(c)    Ownership, testing, and maintenance of the assembly shall be the responsibility of the customer.

(d)    All double check valve assemblies must be installed in accordance with detailed specifications provided by the Town of Warrenton. Double check valve assemblies may be installed in a vertical position provided they have been specifically approved by the manufacture and with prior approval from the Town of Warrenton Cross Connection Control Department provided the flow of water is in an upward direction. All double check valve assemblies 2 ½” and larger must be installed above ground covered by an above ground enclosure that meets the ASSE 1060 standard if they are installed outside. Inside installations must meet North Carolina Plumbing Code.

(e)    Reduced pressure principle assemblies must be installed in a horizontal position and in a location in which no portion of the assembly can become submerged in any substance under any circumstances. The further most bottom portion of the body must be at a minimum of 12” above grade, no more than 4’. Pit and/or below grade installations are prohibited.

(f)    The installation of a backflow prevention assembly which is not approved must be replaced with an approved backflow prevention assembly.

(g)    The installer is responsible to make sure a backflow prevention assembly is working properly upon installation and is required to furnish the following information to the Town of Warrenton Cross Connection Control Department within 15 days after a reduced pressure principle backflow preventer (RP), double check valve assembly (DCVA), pressure vacuum breaker (PVB), double check detector assembly (DCDA), or reduced pressure principle detector assembly (RPDA) is installed:

(1)    Service address where assembly is located.
(2)    Owner and address, if different from service address.
(3)    Description of assembly's location.
(4)    Date of installation.
(5)    Installer, include name, plumbing company represented, plumber's license number, and project permit number.
(6)    Type of assembly, size of assembly.
(7)    Manufacturer, model number, serial number.
(8)    Test results/report.

Certified backflow prevention assembly testers:

When employed by the consumer to test, repair, overhaul, or maintain backflow prevention assemblies, a backflow prevention assembly tester will have the following responsibilities: The tester will be responsible for making competent inspections and for repairing or overhauling backflow prevention assemblies and making reports of such repair to the consumer and responsible authorities on forms approved by the Town of Warrenton. The tester shall include the list of materials or replacement parts used. The tester shall be equipped with and be competent to use all the necessary tools, gauges, manometers and other equipment necessary to properly test, repair, and maintain backflow prevention assemblies. It will be the tester's responsibility to insure that original manufactured parts are used in the repair of or replacement of parts in a backflow prevention assembly. It will be the tester's further responsibility not to change the design, material or operational characteristics of an assembly during repair or maintenance without prior approval of the Town of Warrenton. A certified tester shall perform the work and be responsible for the competency and accuracy of all tests and reports. A certified tester shall provide a copy of all test and repair reports to the consumer and to the Town of Warrenton cross connection control department within ten business days of any completed test or repair work. A certified tester shall maintain such records for a minimum period of three years. All certified backflow prevention assembly testers must obtain and employ backflow prevention assembly test equipment which has been evaluated and/or approved by the Town of Warrenton. All test equipment shall be registered with the Town of Warrenton cross connection control department. All test equipment shall be checked for accuracy annually, at a minimum, calibrated, if necessary, and certified to the Town of Warrenton as to such calibration, employing an accuracy/calibration method acceptable to the Town of Warrenton. All certified backflow prevention assembly testers must become re-certified every two years through an approved backflow prevention certification program.

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